Brow Care

Brow Sculpting - your initial brow care appointment, your artist will develop the foundational shape for your brows using waxing and tweezing. $25

Brow Waxing - a maintenance appointment to keep your sculpted brows looking their best. $15

Brow Mapping - Perfect for those looking to achieve a new ideal show shape. An artist will consult with you about your desired look and past experiences. Semi permanent tint is applied to bring forth unnoticeable hairs and apply a temporary stain on the sink which acts as a guide to follow when filling in your brows after you leave. Brows are cleaned up and shaped, using wax, then tweezed and trimmed to perfect the look. Lastly, your artist will teach you how to fill in your brows so that you can maintain the look at home. After the initial brow mapping appointment, regular brow waxing and/or tinting appointments can be scheduled to ensure you remain on track with your brows, especially if you have some regrowing to do.  $39 

Brow Tint $20



Lash Treatments

Full Set (2-3 hours) A look that eliminates your need for mascara. $185 

Lash Fill- extend the life of your beautiful lashes  $75

Lash LiftFor natural lashes only. Using a silicone pad and perm solution, eyelashes are lifted at the root, giving the illusion of volume and length. Eliminates the need for a lash curler. Last up to 10 weeks, slowly fades back to your normal curl over time without ever having to worry about the scarce appearance that eyelash extensions can give as they shed. $95 

Lash TintDarkens the natural lashes using a semi-permanent color. Lasts up to 8 weeks. Can be performed over lash extensions. $20 

Lash Lift & Tint - A Lash Lift + Tint paired together. $ 115

*The price of your full set and fills is determined by which lash artist you see, as each has a different price point based on their experience.



Having lash extensions for my trip was incredible!

Having the lash extensions for my trip was incredible! I never had to wear mascara which made the time at the beach so much easier! Love my lashes and will definitely get them again!


I have never loved my brows more!

Abby was thorough and truly took the time to get to know me. She altered the shape of my existing brow and I have never loved my brows more!

— L.K.

Love how my brows look know that I know how to fill them in!

My brows are blonde and I have always wanted to add color to them but never have known how! The MO Staff made me feel really comfortable and gave me a great lesson on how to fill in my brows! Ive incorporated it into my daily routine, love how my brows look know that I know how to fill them in!  

— J.Y.